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» Comics - Chapter Three Page 24 - July 5th, 2010, 6:50 pm

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Shuuichi, July 5th, 2010, 7:06 pm

Hey guys, I'm back.
I've been working on some stuff with the first chapter which I will finish sometime this summer, but for now I'll keep on updating. I won't be updating on a consistent schedule for a while though. But I hope you'll stick with me some more. Thanks for your patience!
Again, any suggestions, questions, etc. would greatly help me!
I've also been working on a few extras for you guys that I'll put up after this chapter. Anything else you'd like to see? Anything specific? Let me know.

Ch. 3 Recap.
Niyakure wakes up in Yukiyo's body and begins searching for information regarding Yukiyo's financial situation. He hopes to collect his money to pay the ransom posted for his body. However, he is interupted by Yukiyo's school friend, Jae, and is forced to go to school in order to act normally. At lunch, he and Jae go up to the roof to eat. There, a hooded figure approaches them and attempts to take "Yukiyo" with him, until he discovers Yukiyo is being possessed. He subsequently tries to exorcise Niyakure. Jae attempts to grab Yukiyo and flee, but when he does he sees a vision that stops him.
Meanwhile, Jyuki reports to BlackSnow on Head Supervisor business. He tells them that the demon who took Niyakure's body appeared before him in Yukiyo's dream. BlackSnow realizes this means the demon (Runayos) can transcend Realms somehow, without going through D-PaW. Jyuki wonders why BlackSnow has not gone public with Niyakure's body abduction and hopes that now that they have realized what Runayos is capable of they will do something about it. One of BlackSnow assigns Jyuki to watch over Niyakure and Yukiyo to make sure Runayos cannot attack them.
Jyuki arrives in Human Realm and intervenes in the angel's assault on Jae and Yukiyo.
And now...

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