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Fan art! Thank you so much. <3

For more art by others and myself, check out the gallery~

Newest to oldest (I love you guys : D)

Niyakure and Jyuki by Rinifer of I love the interaction in this pic. They definitely seem like childhood friends. : ]

Niyakure by Kaoru-chan He looks adorable! Thanks Kaoru! I love surprises. : D

Kro (Runayos?) by Deltah It's wondrous, thank you! : D I'm glad you like my character~ You drew him awesomely.

Yukiyo and Niyakure by Kaoru-chan. Thanks so much for helping me out when I needed a filler, Kaoru! It's adorable! I miss you! : <

Jyuki by Muunresu (From Jyuki looks extra pretty in this. : D And cute.

Niyakure (and her character, Yashi) by Yashichu Haha, lovin' the interaction here.

Yukiyo and Niyakure (and herself? xD) by Chloefork Corky, you're a hoot. : ] Niyakure would definitely say something like that, haha.

Jyuki by Chloefork He looks so elegant! O: